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Born in Korea, raised in Hong Kong, working in New York. I love to travel, ride roller coasters, eat and experience anything new. 

I love the idea of designing an experience, it's all about enhancing one's memory of a moment. From retail, to one off, to apps, it's all about giving the extra value for the user to remember. That's what I want to design. I am a experience designer at Great Fridays, now EPAM Systems. I’ve worked with Verizon, Canon, MasterCard, Citi. In my spare time I like to give back by doing community service, travel to gain new experience and take classes to continue my curiousity. 

I come from a visual design background and have some skills in Motion graphics. My longest project for the past 6 months was rebranding Verizon in Retail space. 

With my experience, I enjoy breaking down and problem solving from the beginning to the end of a story. I’m emotionally invested in design and curious about how to make a seamless story between the physical and the digital world.

I create to delight the user.

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